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tag There's another Orlando -- a place for lovers of art, history, nature, theater, sports, and, yes, amusement parks. The region and its many attractions, most of them reasonably priced, are examined thoroughly by Kelly Monaghan. tag

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About The Other Orlando

What do we have against Mickey? Not a thing. We love the little guy. But just outside his kingdom lies a dizzy world of wonderful attractions, more than enough to fill weeks and weeks of magical days. Within the greater Orlando area, or just a short ride away, you'll find all the ingredients for a non-stop, thrill-a-minute vacation, with oases of quiet beauty thrown in for good measure.

Hi. My name is Kelly Monaghan. For nearly 25 years I covered the attractions of central Florida as a guidebook writer. I wrote about ALL of them -- except Disney.

This site contains the most complete, in-depth, unbiased, straight-from-the-shoulder info available on all the fabulous things to see and do in Orlando after you've done Disney. More stuff than you thought possible!

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