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Dive Right In! - Which Price Is Right?


This is an extremely difficult question to answer, given the number of variables and the wide variety of visitors, from families with several active kids to seniors. However, I will offer some observations, which I hope will be of assistance as you weigh your options.

If you are planning to visit Discovery Cove then I strongly recommend the Discovery Cove Ultimate option. For just $50 more you get 14 days at all the other Worlds of Discovery parks in central Florida, except Adventure Island. And since you’ll be going to Aquatica, that shouldn’t prove to be too much of a sacrifice.

If Discovery Cove doesn’t fit into your budget, then a multi-day ticket that includes SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens Africa is the best option in my opinion. You have just seven days, but that gives you enough time to spend two days in each park with a seventh for a return visit to your favorite.

The Orlando FlexTicket is a good option for people who would like to include the razzle-dazzle of Universal Orlando in their vacation mix. It’s more expensive, but it provides 14 days of fun for a per-day cost of roughly $18, which is a lot of entertainment bang for the buck.

Finally, the various Passports are worth considering if you will be spending more than one vacation in Florida over the next year or two. If you can use a three-park Silver Passport for two seven-day vacations, you not only save more than $50 over the cost of two seven-day “Length of Stay” tickets, but you get free parking and a 10% discount on food and merchandise thrown in.

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