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Dive Right In! - Passports (a.k.a. Annual Passes)


If you are going to be in central Florida for an extended period of time or if you plan to visit several times within the next year or two, it may be worth your while to look into an annual pass. SeaWorl Parks & Entertainment calls its annual passes Passports. They are good for one year or two years. Four parks are included in the Passport program: SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Garden Tampa, and Adventure Island (also in Tampa). You can “build” your own Passport to include one, two, three, or all four parks. However, you cannot choose just the two water parks. In the chart below, I try to sort it all out. Current pricing is as follows (including tax):

  1 Year (Silver) 2 Years (Gold)
One Park $117.14 $159.69
Two Parks $170.39 $260.91
Three Parks $223.64 $340.79
Four Parks $266.24 $404.69

Prices for children and seniors (65+) are $8 less than the adult price in each category. Intriguingly, this pricing structure implies that SeWorld Parks sees each of the four parks as being of equal value – a Passport toSeaWorld abd Busch Gardens costs the same as a pass to SeaWorld and Adventure Island, which is not even open all year – and not everyone will agree with that proposition. And, of course, these prices may change.

Passport holders enjoy a number of benefits. These include:
• Free parking.
• Modest discounts on guest tickets.
• A 10% discount on food and merchandise in the parks.
• Discounts on guided tours and other special park activities.
• 50% off preferred parking rates.
• Discounts on Discovery Cove admission.

Note: These perks apply only to those parks included in the Passport. If you drop in on another park for the day, your Passport won’t work for parking or discounts.

Passports make sense for those who will be in Orlando more than once over the course of the Passport’s term. If you take three one-week vacations in Orlando over the course of two years, the effective per day cost of a three-park Gold Passport is less than $16 a day!

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