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Kennedy Space Center – The One-Day Stay

Getting the most out of a one-day visit to Kennedy Space Center requires early arrival and careful planning.

When you purchase tickets, you will be handed a map of the Complex and a schedule of tours, IMAX film showings, and other events. Pause a moment in the coolness of Information Central to orient yourself with the map and plan your day with the schedule.

Note that the bus tour of Kennedy Space Center, called simply KSC Tour, has continuous departures (ending between about 2:15 p.m. and 2:45 p.m., depending on closing time), while the Cape Canaveral Then & Now Tour has just one departure and the KSC Up-Close Tour has only a few. So if you have paid the premium to take either of the latter tours (you can realistically take only one), plan your day around it. (Since both special interest tours drop you off at the Saturn V Center, you have the option of skipping the main KSC Tour ; if you do, your time constraints are lessened considerably.) Seeing both IMAX films in one day may prove tricky. Whatever you do, don't miss the Space Shuttle Experience.

If you plan on doing all or most of the major, scheduled attractions, you will discover that once you have mapped out your schedule, you will have a half hour or an hour here and there during the day to see what's left and eat. I suggest grabbing your food on the run if you want to maximize your touring time. There are plenty of freestanding kiosks scattered about, making this a viable strategy.
You can use the descriptions below and your own taste to determine which of the "what's left" will most appeal to you. I strongly recommend the Launch Status Center and the Astronaut Encounter.

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