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Kennedy Space Center – Eating at Kennedy Space Center

While you won't have to subsist on the powdered drinks and squeeze-tube dinners that were once standard fare for astronauts, neither can you expect a gourmet dining experience at KSC Visitor Complex. The eateries here are geared to processing hundreds of generally young diners in a quick and efficient manner, and the food quality seldom rises above fast-food or cafeteria level.

One of the management's best inspirations has been to dispatch dozens of freestanding food carts to various points in the Visitor Complex. They offer everything from ice cream snacks to fruit to more substantial fare like hot dogs. Given the difficulty of squeezing everything into a one-day visit to the Center, it makes a lot of sense to eat on the run from these carts and save the big sit-down meal for later in the evening.

The Orbit Café, the park's main eatery, is a large, noisy fast-food emporium with various service stations dispensing beverages, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. You can get pizzas and pasta dishes, burgers and hot dogs, and BBQ pulled pork. Domestic beer is served. There is fast food at the Apollo/Saturn V Center's Moon Rock Cafe. If you are trying to pack as much as possible into a one-day visit, grabbing a hot dog here during the KSC Tour (see below) and eating it while waiting for the bus is a good strategy.

For a fee ($25 adults, $16 kids), you can sit down to lunch with an authentic astronaut through the aptly named "Lunch with an Astronaut." Seating for the one-hour event begins at 12:15 daily. Salad, chicken marsala, canneloni, penne, and pie are on the menu, along with a face-to-face personal moment with someone who has slipped the surly bonds of earth and survived to tell the tale.

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