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Gatorland – Good Things to Know About ...

Access for the Disabled

The entire park is accessible to the disabled (with the exception of the third level of the Observation Tower in the Alligator Breeding Marsh) and wheelchairs are available on a rental basis for $10 (plus tax) per day. There is also an electric scooter available for $20 per day. Both rentals require that you leave your driver's license or other photo ID as a deposit.


Strollers are available from the same location as wheelchairs, also require an ID as deposit, and rent for $7 a day for singles, $10 for doubles (plus tax). Diaper changing facilities will be found in all restrooms.

Leaving the Park

When you pay your admission, your hand will be stamped with a gator symbol. It allows you to leave (for lunch perhaps?) and return on the same day.


An ATM hooked up to the Cirrus, Plus, PULSE, and STAR systems is located in the gift shop.


Alligators may look like they never move a muscle but they can move with surprising speed when a meal is in the offing. And to an alligator your toddler looks an awful lot like lunch. The railings over the alligator lake have been fitted with green mesh guards to discourage leaning over the sides. Nonetheless, I have seen people lift their children onto the railings and lean them over for a closer look or to help them feed the gators.

DON'T DO THIS! You will not only give people like me heart failure but if your child wriggles loose and falls he or she could very well be killed.

Special Diets

Gatorland’s eateries are not equipped to handle special diets though their website lists a limited menu of gluten-free foods. However, Gatorland welcomes picnickers, so feel free to bring your own meals. In fact, feel free to bring an entire cooler. There are several nice areas to eat your own meals; just ask a park employee. No alcoholic beverages are permitted and Gatorland requests that you do not bring any glass containers into the park.

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