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SeaWorld - Annual Passes & EZ Pay

SeaWorld has several annual pass options that are so reasonable you may want to consider them as an alternative to a one-day admission. For example, the adult annual pass costs less than twice as much as a one-day admission. Some people might consider that worth it for the convenience of coming and going as they please during their Orlando stay. If you plan another Orlando vacation within the next 12 months, the annual pass options become almost irresistible, especially now that SeaWorld offers an EZ Pay option.

Opt for EZ Pay and you pay for your annual pass on a monthly basis, interest-free, over the life of the pass. Payments are charged to your credit card; no fees are added.

The passes, called “Passports,” take the form of a credit card sized ID. Silver Passports are valid for one year and Gold for two. In the following list of prices, which include tax, the Silver Passport price is given first, followed by the Gold Passport price. Children’s prices apply for those 3 to 9, Seniors to those 50 or older.

SeaWorld Passports
Adults: $101.12 / $154.37
Children & Seniors: $90.47 / $143.72

SeaWorld - Busch Gardens Passports
(Annual Passes to both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens)
Adults: $154.37 / $234.25
Children & Seniors: $143.72 / $223.60

You can add Adventure Island, Busch’s water park in Tampa (see Chapter 9: Water Parks) to either of the SeaWorld/Busch Gardens passports for an additional fee of about $55, including tax.

Annual passes offer unlimited admission, free parking in the regular lot, and an array of discounts, including a 10% discount at SeaWorld restaurants, 10% or 20% discounts at the shops, plus a 50% discount on preferred parking and all guided tours. The pass itself is checked carefully at the gate, to make sure it’s really you visiting the park, and you may need to show a second, photo ID. At press time, machines that read the “geography” of your hand were being phased in, so all this may change.

I have noticed that annual passes are especially popular with local residents, so much so that during periods when SeaWorld offers its discounts to Florida residents, it can take a good 30 to 45 minutes to have your annual pass processed.

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