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The Resort Hotels – Portofino Bay Hotel: Amenities, Part 2



Mandara Spa

Near the Beach Pool is a state-of-the-art spa. Never mind the serene but somewhat incoherent Malaysian theme: this is your perfect chance to feel like an Italian movie star. Looking like an Italian movie star may be asking too much, but who knows. You can get the full treatment of massages, mud wraps, and facials, all with the latest “all-natural” and “therapeutic” ointments, oils, and unguents, of course. The heated masseuse tables are a particularly nice touch. Or you can simply have your hair and nails done in an elegant European salon setting. If you stroll in here and say, “Give me the works,” be prepared to spend a bundle. The six-hour “Day of Perfect Bliss” package, which includes lunch in addition to a dizzying regimen of facial, massages, makeup, manicure, pedicure, hair styling, and aromatherapy, costs $600. Less lavish packages of pampering start at $320 for men and $340 for women. Use of all spa and fitness center facilities are included with any service (see below).

Campo Portofino

Located near the Beach Pool, this indoor play area houses Portofino’s children’s activities program. For more information about the services offered here, see Good Things To Know About ...Kids’ Activities in the introductory section of this chapter. Make your reservations 24 hours in advance by calling 31200 on a hotel phone or (407) 503-1230 from outside.

Fitness Center

Adjacent to the Mandara Spa is a sleek health club (open 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily) offering the very latest in pec-pumping paraphernalia. Here you can exhaust yourself on treadmills, recumbent and standing bicycle machines, or stair climbers. For the die-hard traditionalist, there are also free weights. Access to the fitness center costs $10 per day, which entitles you to use all the facilities of the Spa, including showers, roman bath hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms. You can also relax in the "quiet room" lounge, sipping herbal tea and snacking on dried fruit while you peruse periodicals in a comfy chair. If you are a customer of the Spa, staying on the Club level, or a member of You First, your access to the fitness center is free. Fitness-minded guests also use the paved walkway that surrounds the Bay or the path to Universal Studios Florida and back as a handy jogging trail.

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