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CityWalk – What on Earth Was I Thinking?

Another recurring theme of holiday shopping is the irresistible pull of the “novelty item.” Otherwise sensible people, when far from home and in an expansive mood, will buy the darnedest things, and CityWalk has some wonderfully offbeat shops along Lombard Street that cater to this urge.

Katie’s Candy Co., in the middle of Lombard Street, serves up by-the-pound candy that you certainly don’t need at prices that are higher than in the theme parks. Of course nothing fits this theme like a tattoo and, if you’re game, Hart and Huntington is there to oblige. They also sell T-shirts and other gear of the sort that might freak your mom out.

Element, at the bottom of the street, is an offshoot of the professional skateboarding team of the same name. This shop sells customized skateboards, “Von Zipper” sunglasses, stylish sneakers, and any other apparel you need to accessorize your extreme sports lifestyle.

Finally, back up at the top of Lombard Street, opposite the Whopper Bar, is Cigarz at CityWalk, which doesn’t quite fit into any category. Most obviously it is a cigar store wonderfully decorated to evoke an old Cuban cigar factory, complete with sheaves of tobacco leaves hanging from the corrugated tin roof. A walk-in humidor holds the good stuff, while the rest of the shop offers exotic cigarettes and a variety of paraphernalia for the serious cigar buff. Best of all, at the back is a compact and cozy bar where smokers, preferably cigar smokers, can repair for quiet conversation, a warming scotch, and a fine cigar. Yes, you can actually smoke here, thanks to a loophole in Florida’s anti-smoking law. It seems Cigarz doesn’t sell enough food to be covered by the law. This is one of CityWalk’s few hidden corners where you can actually get away from the noise and the crowds. It’s not surprising that it has become a favorite hangout for Universal employees.

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