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Orlando's not a one-mouse town and this is the site that proves it!

Orlando, Florida has become one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. WDW addicts abound; I know, I’m one. We keep coming back for our periodic infusion of Disney magic. Many folks who can only rarely accomplish the trek to Orlando have recurrent dreams about returning. Each day, theme park skeptics are converted into Disney aficionados, especially if they come prepared or with a seasoned tour guide.

What do people complain about after a WDW vacation? The cost, the crowds, the heat. But all of these irritants can be rendered inconsequential with advance planning and smart decision-making while you are in the parks.

Yes, you can drop big bucks at WDW and you can feel crowded and hot. However, the cost of theme park admission is recouped many times over in the course of a day, and you can minimize the cost of hotel, food, souvenirs, and incidentals if you plan well. As for the crowds and the heat, follow the touring plans in this book and you will minimize their irritation. Your visit to WDW can and should be as magical as any vacation you’ve ever taken.

See you there! (I’m the short smiling guy in the Disney floppy hat.)

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