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Attractions Described & Rated - Adventureland

The flower-covered bridge to Adventureland suggests you’re entering an exotic paradise. The environment here evokes the Pacific and Caribbean Islands with a sprinkling of Africa and Asia. Adventureland has shops, eating places, and attractions.

Swiss Family Treehouse

Rating: * * *
Type: Outdoor walk-through exhibit
Time: 10 - 15 minutes, but dally longer if you wish
Steve says: Kids of all ages should have a treehouse like this!

You pass through the entry turnstile into an imaginative trail that winds up and through a replica of the treehouse built by the shipwrecked Robinson family. It’s fun to visually explore the fascinating details of the various “rooms” of the house. Try to follow the intricate water delivery system throughout the huge tree.
Note: If you want to linger at sights in the Swiss Family Treehouse, move to the side of the walkway and let those behind you pass by.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Rating: * *
Type: Flying, steerable carpets
Time: Less than 2 minutes
Steve says: Eye-pleasing circle ride

Colorful, four-seater carpets whiz around in lofty circles. However, these magical carpets have a bit more zing than other circle rides: the two riders in the front control vertical movement, while the two rear riders can tilt the carpet nose up or nose down. It’s rather like sitting on a real flying carpet! Fly high to avoid the water-squirting camel.

The Enchanted Tiki Room — Under New Management

Rating: * *
Type: Musical show with singing robotic birds
Time: 16 minutes
Steve says: Especially fun for younger kids

The first Disney Audio-Animatronics attraction, this amusing show takes place above your head as you sit in a dark, cool room. The attraction was updated to add Iago (from Aladdin) and Zazu (from The Lion King) to the veteran choir of brightly colored birds. Even the flowers and tiki statues sing!

Jungle Cruise

* * * *
Type: Outdoor boat tour
Time: 9 - 10 minutes
Steve says: Fun for everyone; the boat skipper has everyone smiling

A classic Disney attraction, Jungle Cruise takes you gently down the great jungle rivers of the earth. Along the way, you pass Audio-Animatronics elephants, hippos, and other animals. The boat skipper’s jokes are corny yet still amusing and seem perfectly in tune with the ride. Be sure to look at the “back side of water.”

Tip: After the early morning, the lines are usually long here for the rest of the day, especially during busy seasons.

At the exit is Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats, which are miniature boats navigated by your remote control around a pond studded with various jungle obstacles. They’re not free; you have to buy a one-dollar token to make the boats operate for about two minutes.

Tip: Save Shrunken Ned’s for downtime. It’s fun but if you’ve only one day in the MK, you’ll want to spend it experiencing the more exciting attractions.

Pirates of the Caribbean

* * * *
Type: Indoor boat ride past pirate scenes
Time: About 8 minutes
Steve says: A classic attraction; not scary except for one small boat drop

The queue area and the boat ride take you back in time to pirates searching for island treasures. Your boat initially passes pirate skeletons, then swooshes down a mild water drop back to the time when those pirates were alive and pillaging. You float by incredibly detailed sets and Audio-Animatronics figures as the pirates invade and conquer an island town. Look for the hairy pirate leg dangling from a bridge above you and the jail door lock shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. The waiting lines generally move quickly, but even this ride can be a long wait during afternoons in busy seasons.

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