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Introduction to 'The Hassle-Free Walt Disney World Vacation'

No doubt about it, Walt Disney World is one of the most entertaining places anywhere. Yes, I admit it, I’m a rabid WDW aficionado. I have yet to find a ride or attraction at WDW that I didn’t enjoy, and I’ve experienced all of them many times. I began trekking to this mecca of tourism years ago on vacations once or twice yearly. Now I live nearby and can explore the wonders of Walt Disney World Resort whenever I have the time (that is, as often as I can manage it).

Early on, I noticed an anomaly as I wandered the parks. Despite the worldwide appeal of WDW, some visitors weren’t enjoying themselves! Many of these folks had planned their monster vacation months ahead of time and weathered their kids’ salivating impatience for weeks, only to arrive at WDW and quickly wither in the crowds, the heat, and the ubiquitous long lines. Recently, I was on a boat ride from the Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness, and a man uttered a complaint that I’ve often heard at WDW: “This is supposed to be a vacation? I’ve been here five days, and I’m more tired than when I left home. I don’t feel like I’ve had a vacation at all!”

I wondered: What could people do to enhance their WDW experience? Some of the answers are obvious and have been mentioned in other guidebooks. Some of the advice is not so obvious and is mentioned only in this book. What I’ve tried to accomplish in these pages is to give both first-time visitors and seasoned WDW pros the nuts and bolts tips and information for a hassle-free WDW vacation.

This new 2011 edition contains updated touring plans, descriptions and ratings of new -- and established -- attractions, and a general update on Walt Disney World Resort that is current as we go to press. If you follow my recommendations and touring plans, you will be as prepared as possible for a successful voyage to WDW.


Steven M. Barrett

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