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Islands of Adventure – Port of Entry



To the right of the archway are . . .

Guest Services. Questions or complaints? The cheerful folks here can help you out. Annual passes can also be obtained here.

Lost & Found. Don’t give up on that lost item. There’s a very good chance a fellow tourist or a park staffer will find it and turn it in. Check back the next day, too, just in case.

First Aid. This is one of two first aid stations in the park. The other is in The Lost Continent, near the Sindbad Theater.

Now that you have replenished your wallet, stowed your excess gear, and rented your strollers, you step through that crumbling stone archway incised with the thrilling words “The Adventure Begins” and start your journey toward the Great Inland Sea and the magical islands that ring it.

Port of Entry’s main (and only) street is given over to a variety of shopping and eating establishments. As you stroll along, don’t be surprised

if someone tries to talk you into a photographic souvenir of your visit; this is, after all, an exotic marketplace bustling with hawkers. There’s no charge to have your photo snapped; at the end of the day, you can stop into De Foto’s (see below), survey the results, and make your decision.

At the far end of this market street, under another crumbling archway that’s being propped up by a jury-rigged contraption of giant planks and chains, the street opens out into another broad plaza on the shore of the Great Inland Sea. Amid the souvenir kiosks that dot the plaza, look for a large signboard that can help you plan your itinerary. The board is electronically linked to the attractions throughout the park and updates regularly with the current waiting times for the all the rides. If no wait time is posted, that means that the ride is temporarily out of commission.

Tip: Roughly opposite the Backwater Bar (see Eating in Port of Entry, below), is a secluded park-like snarl of rock-shielded walkways along the edge of the Inland Sea. At the end, on a point of land jutting into the water, you will find a little-visited hideaway that is wonderfully romantic at night.

Eating in Port of Entry

Whether you’re on the way in, on the way out, or just breaking for lunch, there’s both good food and fast food to be had in Port of Entry.

Tip: Visit the thatched-roof kiosk across from Cinnabon by the Inland Sea to make reservations for any restaurant in the theme park or CityWalk.

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