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Islands of Adventure – Toon Lagoon:
Blondie's Home of the Dagwood

Don’t look for a gourmet experience in Toon Lagoon, but don’t expect to go hungry either. The food is aimed at kids and teens, which is to say it’s fast and moderately priced. The eateries are colorful and full of fanciful fun, just like the funnies that inspired them.


What: Overstuffed sandwich shop
Where: On the plaza near the entrance to Sweet Haven
Price Range: $

This one comes with a subtitle, “Home of the Dagwood.” It’s a sandwich of course, and for those who don’t know, it’s named after Blondie Bumstead’s hapless hubby, who made comic strip history with his colossal, 20-slice, clear-out-the-fridge sandwich creations.

The sandwiches here don’t quite live up to the gigantic depiction that graces the entrance to the joint, and they sprawl across the plate rather than tower above it as they do on the signage. But you’ll likely find them pretty good nonetheless.

Pride of place among the “Side-Splitting Sandwiches,” as they are called, goes to The Dagwood, consisting of ham, turkey, roast beef, Swiss and American cheese on several slices of hearty white bread. Other choices are less fully packed subs and “stacked sandwiches” of ham, turkey, tuna, or roast beef, along with Nathan’s hotdogs. Indoor seating is limited.

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