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Universal Studios Florida – San Francisco/Amity: Selected Shorts


The Amity Boardwalk

Between Disaster! and Jaws is a winding stretch of road that offers up a typical New England boardwalk as a child might see it — bright and shining. Of course, the originals are a lot shabbier and far more weather-beaten, the games a bit more threadbare, but never mind. This is the movies, after all, and with the genius of the best set designers Universal has to offer, everything should be perfect.

Here you can try your skill at knocking over plastic glasses with a whiffle ball, tossing a softball into a farmer’s milk can, or playing skee-ball. If you fancy yourself a superhuman, try ringing the bell with a mighty blow of your sledgehammer. You can also test the skill of the Amazing Alonzo, who bets you that he can guess your weight or age. Games cost several dollars and, as with the seaside attractions they mimic, the odds are heavily weighted toward the house. Universal, however, makes it easier to win at least something and the prizes, while modest (or ugly, depending on your mood), are a cut above those you’ll find along, say, the Jersey shore.

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