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Universal Studios Florida – Production Central: Selected Shorts

Music Plaza

The Hollywood Bowl-styled stage that sits at the foot of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit’s signature loop is home to Universal’s seasonal concert series. The 2,400-square-foot performance space features eco-friendly lighting equipment and a bone-shaking sound system. Performers range from today’s Top 40 to oldies acts; recent guests have included Nelly, Third Eye Blind, The Beach Boys, and the B-52s. Some concerts, like those during Mardi Gras, are included in your regular admission. Others, including the "Rock The Universe" Christian music events, require a separate ticket. Popular artists can fill up the 15,000-square-foot astroturf viewing lawn hours early, so unless you're a die-hard fan, just wait until showtime and find a spot in the New York area in sight of the 20-foot-high projection screens..

Donkey’s Photo Finish

Just across the street from the Shrek 4-D exit, you will find a rustic stable facade where you can get your picture taken with everybody’s favorite noble steed, Donkey. Shrek shows up, too, from time to time. While Shrek is the usual theme park costumed character, Donkey is a clever animatronic who sticks his head out of his stable door and, thanks to an unseen performer doing an uncanny Eddie Murphy imitation, ad libs to hilarious effect with guests and passersby. Just eavesdropping is a great way to kill time.

You can snap photos with your own camera, but if you’ve left yours back at the hotel, there is a photographer on hand to oblige. You can pick up (and pay for) the photos later at the On Location shop in The Front Lot.

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