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Universal Studios Florida – New York:
Selected Short Subjects


Why would anyone pay good money to get into Universal Studios Florida and then waste their time in a video arcade? The Arcades in New York never seem to lack for customers, so some people seem to have an answer to that question.

The Blues Brothers

The Dan Ackroyd-John Belushi routine that made a better Saturday Night Live sketch than it ever did a movie is immortalized in this peppy street show, which currently holds forth from a makeshift stage on Delancey Street.

The warm-up comes courtesy of a belting blues singer whose gospel-tinged renditions of blues standards are a show in and of themselves. Then, backed by a live sax player and a recorded sound track, Jake and Elwood goof and strut their way through a selection of rock and blues standards, winding up with a rousing, extremely high-decibel version of “Soul Man.”

The genial performers, who are look-alikes only to the extent that one is tall and lanky and the other short and stout, do the material justice, and Jake’s hyperkinetic dance steps are a highlight of the show. If you like your rock straight and unadulterated, you should enjoy it.

Performances are listed in the 2-Park Map brochure, but Jake and Elwood take no chances; they cruise the studio backlot in their funky revamped cop car avidly promoting the show. During the holiday season a special Christmas version is performed, featuring “Snow Man” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

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