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Universal Studios Florida – Hollywood: Selected Shorts

Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood Boulevard is a great place for star spotting. Stars of yesteryear, like Marilyn Monroe and Lucy and Desi, as well as famous cartoon characters like Wood Woodpecker and Scooby Doo, have been known to put in appearances. Lately, the Simpsons have been showing up in a large RV to mix and mingle with the crowds along the Boulevard. You can have your photo taken with them or even get an autograph.

Musical Entertainment

From time to time, usually during the parkís busier periods, you will find a fifties-style group holding forth on a small stage outside Melís Diner. The groups vary in size and composition, but the doo-wop nostalgia blast is virtually guaranteed to please.

Universal Studios Radio Broadcast Center

On your left as you proceed down Hollywood Boulevard is a fairly inconspicuous radio studio. From here popular disk jockeys from around the world have broadcast live to the folks back home, and local stations frequently use it for "remotes." Peek in and check out the clever ceiling treatment inside.

Trick Photography Photo Spot

Near the lagoon, you will find a spot where you can take your own souvenir photo using the “hanging miniature” technique pioneered in the early days of filmmaking. Position your camera on the stand and follow the fool-proof instructions. There are even footprints telling you where to place your subjects. Then you can photograph your family in front of the (real) Pantages Theater, with the (painted) Hollywood hills and the rest of the Los Angeles skyline stretching into the distance. Even if you don’t have a camera, take a peek to see how it works. It’s nifty.

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