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Universal Studios Florida – World Expo: Shopping In World Expo

The Kwik-E-Mart, Homer’s favorite convenience store, stands outside the exit of The Simpsons Ride. On sale are all the expected souvenirs from Springfield, from T-shirts and DVDs to “Flaming Moe” energy drinks. The tongue-in-cheek signage plastered inside and outside the store (“Today’s Merchandise at Tomorrow’s Prices!”) is an attraction in itself. If you get thirsty for an ice-cold Squishee, a stand outside sells the sweetened slush.

The MIB Gear Shop is a spacious, high-ceilinged shop that sells clothes for MIB agents. Everything from T-shirts to sweatshirts is in the black, white, and orange color scheme MIB agents seem to prefer, and all at moderate prices. You will also find some sleek MIB glassware, mugs, and cups along with a wide variety of action figures, sunglasses, and toys tied into the movie. There are even a few books on the movie and its characters. For an “out of this world” treat, try the freeze-dried “alien” ice cream (better yet, don’t).

On Exposition Boulevard, outside the International Food and Film Festival, you will find several tent-like structures housing some of Universal Studios’ most attractive souvenirs. Under one tent, as many as four caricaturists hold forth, billed as Expo Art, turning out devastatingly accurate portraits for remarkably reasonable prices. (You’ll find more caricaturists in San Francisco/Amity.)

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