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Universal Studios Florida – San Francisco/Amity: Shopping

San Francisco Candy Factory

Shopping here is a mixed bag. The San Francisco Candy Factory is another place selling scoop-it-yourself candy at inflated prices along with other goodies like coated apples and fudge. Salty’s Sketches offers much better value in the form of Universal’s expert caricaturists, who will immortalize your goofy grin for posterity. These artists must all have studied under the same master because their styles are almost identical and the quality of the renderings excellent. And the cost is also surprisingly moderate given the high quality of the finished product. (You’ll find more caricaturists in World Expo.)

Tucked into an old wooden lighthouse (look up as you enter), Quint’s Surf Shack celebrates the surfer lifestyle in clothes. For women, there is a good selection of brightly colored and quite attractive beach and resort wear. There is less for men, but it’s also quite nice. The prices seem fair and occasionally you can pick up a genuine bargain. By the time you reach this part of the park, you may have realized what a good idea it is to cover your head in the Florida sun. Quint helps out with a good selection of hats for both sexes.

The vest-pocket Oakley shop sells high-end sunglasses and watches, most of them bearing the ultra-hip Oakley brand for astronomical prices. (There’s a price to be paid for being on the cutting edge of fashion.) They also offer shoes and backpacks, just in case you have any money left.

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