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Universal Studios Florida – Front Lot:
Shopping on the Front Lot


In the Front Lot, Universal has shrewdly located a number of shops that cater to the needs of both the arriving and departing guest.

If you left the camera at the hotel or find yourself short of batteries, your first stop should be On Location. They can also help with sunscreen, sunglasses, and tote bags. In addition you will find a constantly rotating inventory of t-shirts, baseball caps, and the like.

If you have your photo taken by a roving photographer in the park, there's no obligation to buy a print, but if you just can't resist, this is where you view and claim your pictures. All pictures are digital and are held for three days. They only print them out if you order. Prices range from $21 for a single 8 x 10 to $30 for more elaborate packages. You can also order prints from home through Universal's Photo Connect service; save your picture claim ticket and register the number under the barcode at photoconnect.amazingpictures.com.

Studio Sweets, a small shop on your left as you enter the park, sells scoop-your-own bulk candy at caviar prices. There is also a wide assortment of tinned cookies, chocolate- and caramel-dipped apples, and fudge.

By far the largest store in the park, the Universal Studios Store is located just next to (in fact, it surrounds) Studio Sweets. Here you will find a representative sampling of the wares to be found in the various smaller shops scattered about the park. There are plenty of T-shirts and toys, magnets and mugs, all emblazoned with various film faces and logos. If you want to save all your souvenir shopping until the end of your visit, you should be able to get something appropriate here. Just be aware that the selection is not exhaustive and that the special item you admired elsewhere might not be for sale here..

It’s A Wrap (studio lingo for “we’ve finished shooting the movie”)is a nifty name for this vest-pocket souvenir stand that straddles the exit to the park. The selection centers on "last chance" souvenirs and styles from last season, so you can often get serious discounts of 30% to 50% here..

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