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The Shooting Script: Your Day at Universal Studios Florida


Your Day at Universal Studios Florida Universal Studios Florida (like its sister park) is best experienced in small bites over several days. That being said, it is perfectly possible see more or less everything at Universal Studios Florida in one very full day. This is especially true if you are staying in one of the on-site hotels, which will give you preferred access to virtually all the rides and attractions. It is also true if you have heeded the advice in Chapter One and arrived during one of the less hectic times of year. .

If circumstances or perversity have led you to ignore this sage advice, you will have to plan carefully and perhaps purchase a Universal Express Plus pass (see Chapter One: Planning Your Escape) if you are intent on seeing as much of the park as possible in a one-day time span. Even at less busy times, you might want to consider following some of the strategies set forth in this section. Lines for more popular rides can grow long enough to make the wait seem tedious even in slack periods.

A little later, you'll get a blow-by-blow description of every attraction, eatery, and shop in the park. This section provides an overview, some general guidance, and a step-by-step plan for seeing the park during busier periods.

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