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Universal Studios Florida – San Francisco/Amity:
Richter's Burger Co.

Richter’s Burger Co.

What: Fast-food burger joint
Where: On the lagoon, across from Disaster!
Price Range: $

That’s Richter as in scale, and just in case you didn’t get it the first time, one glance at the damaged interior of this warehouse-like structure will let you know that the theme here is pure earthquake. It’s a fun environment in which to chow down on standard burger fare.

The Big One is a burger or cheeseburger served with “a landslide of fries,” while the San Andreas is a chicken sandwich. The Fault Line is an “all-natural gardenburger” with cheese, and The Richter Scale salad comes with chicken breast. Frisco shakes, chocolate and vanilla, are offered.

The decor is fun and imaginative, and worth more than a passing glance. At the back, you’ll find tables with a lagoon view and a balcony offering a great bird’s-eye view of the New York end of the lagoon.

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