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Universal Studios Florida – The One-Day Stay for Kids


For selfless parents who are willing to place their child's agenda ahead of their own, here is an alternative one-day plan that will serve the needs of younger children — age eleven and below, maybe seven or eight and below. Often it happens that young children are better equipped to handle the more intense rides than their elders. Presumably, you know your own child or grandchild and will be able to adapt the following outline as needed.

1. Get to the park bright and early. As soon as you are in, ride Despicable Me (if your kids are over 40 inches tall). Afterwards, visit E.T. Adventure.

2. If you have very young kids, it’ll be too early for Barney so head to see Shrek 4-D.

3. Depending on your kids’ tolerance, check out Men In Black, Jaws, and Disaster!, in that order. (Take note of height restrictions.) Note: Jaws is closing Jan. 2, 2012.

4. Next, check show times for Barney and Animal Actors on Location! See them in the appropriate order. Try to steer your little ones away from Barney’s Backyard, Fievel’s Playland, and Curious George, explaining that you’ll return later.

5. Break for lunch.

6. After lunch, let the kids burn off steam at Fievel’s Playland, Barney’s Backyard, and Curious George while you get some much-needed rest and plot out the remainder of the day. Remember, too, that the heat of the day is the best time for your little ones to get soaked at Curious George.

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