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Universal Studios Florida – New York: Introduction

Compared to some others on the lot, the New York set seems downright underpopulated — with attractions, eateries, and shops, that is. Whole streets in New York are given over entirely to film backdrops. Gramercy Park, Park Avenue, the dead end Fifty-Seventh Street that incongruously ends at the New York Public Library, and the narrow alleys behind Delancey Street contain nary a ride or shop. These sets, however, provide some wonderfully evocative backgrounds for street shows and family portraits, especially the library facade, with a collection of familiar skyscrapers looming behind it. They also include some clever inside jokes for those familiar with the movie industry. Check out the names painted on the windows of upper story offices along Fifth Avenue and see if you can spot them.

Of course, New York does have attractions, including the blockbuster Revenge of the Mummy and Twister (although oddly enough neither of the films involved is set in the Big Apple).

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