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Universal Studios Florida – San Francisco/Amity:
Lombard's Seafood Grille

What: Elegant restaurant evoking Fisherman’s Wharf
Where: On the lagoon, across from Disaster!
Price Range: $$ - $$$

Lombard’s is a full-service restaurant boasting the most elegant decor at Universal — and the best food. The main dining room exudes an industrial-Victorian aura, with brick walls, filigreed iron arches and tapestry-covered dining chairs. The room is dominated by a huge, square, centrally located saltwater fish tank like something Captain Nemo might have imagined. Windows on three sides look out over the lagoon. All in all, the atmosphere is charming.

The seafood here is a cut above your local Red Lobster and beautifully presented. Appetizers cost $5 to $9 and range from bland bisques and chunky chowders to fried calamari and savory beer-steamed mussels. For the main course, the grilled, blackened, or herb-crusted Catch of the Day option ($18) is a good bet. Other entrees ($12 to $14) reflect the diverse cuisine of San Francisco and include fish and chips, a San Francisco Stir Fry, seafood marinara, and cheese ravioli. There are also salads ($9 to $16) and sandwiches ($10 to $13), including a Boursin steak sandwich and a decent burger.

The wine and cocktail menu is as enticing as the food. Wines by the bottle are mostly in the $25 to $40 range, although you can splurge on a $190 bottle of Dom Perignon. Wines by the glass ($6 to $9) are more affordable, as are the martinis and specialty cocktails ($6 to $10).

For dessert, the same miniature sweets served at Finnegan’s and IOA’s Mythos are also offered here, at $1.75 for each sugar-stuffed “shot.” They’re fine finishers, but fans of Lombard’s gone-but-not-forgotten “San Francisco Foggy” brownie and ice cream concoction may leave unsatisfied.

There is a children’s menu offering kid-friendly fare for about $7 per entree. Reservations can be made by calling (407) 224-3613 or online at OpenTable.com

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