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Universal Studios Florida – KidZone: Fievel's Playland

Rating: * * *
Type: Hands-on activity
Time: As long as you want
Our Take: For young and very active kids

Based on Steven Spielberg’s charming animated film, An American Tail, about a shtetl mouse making his way in the New World, Fievel’s Playland is a convoluted maze of climb-up, run-through, slide-down activities that will keep kids amused while their exhausted parents take a well-deserved break.

Don’t forget to bring your camera for great photo ops of the kids amidst the larger-than-life cowboy hats, victrolas, water barrels, playing cards, and cattle skeletons that make up this maze of exploration.

The highlight is a Mouse Climb — a rope tunnel that spirals upwards. At the top, kids can climb into two-man (well, two-kid) rubber rafts to slide down through yet another tunnel to arrive at ground level with enormous grins and wet bottoms. Don’t worry, there’s also a set of stairs to the top of this water slide.

Photo op:
A shot of your kid hitting the bottom of the slide makes a great souvenir and a ground-level video monitor of the top of the slide lets you know when your little darling is about to descend.

This is a place you can safely let the kids explore on their own. The ground is padded. However, kids less than 40 inches high will have to drag a grown-up (or maybe a bigger sibling) along to ride the water slide. There’s seldom a wait to get in to Fievel’s Playland but long lines do form for the water slide. If time is a factor and if you will be visiting one of the water-themed parks on another day, you can tell the kids that there are bigger, better water slides awaiting them tomorrow.

Note: Even though this attraction is aimed squarely at the kiddie set, don’t be surprised if your young teens get in the spirit and momentarily forget that romping through a kid’s playground is not the “cool” thing to do.

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