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Universal Studios Florida – San Francisco / Amity: Fear Factor Live!

Rating: * * +
Type: Amphitheater show
Time: 30 minutes
Our Take: The TV hit comes to life

For big fans of reality television shows, this live version of the now-canceled NBC show may make for great live entertainment. Six contestants, who have been preselected prior to each show, compete in three events.

Contestants are ruthlessly eliminated and forced to take the “Walk of Shame” until the two finalists square off in a multipart test of nerves, climbing ability, and guts. The stunts are not for sissies, involving as they do considerable heights, “carnivorous” eels, and other assorted nastiness. Most impressive is the final challenge, which features two tilted convertibles raised to the rafters; contestants must climb onto the water-slicked hoods to retrieve flags attached to the grilles.

Note: If you’d like to be a contestant, you must present yourself in front of the attraction an hour and a quarter prior to the show. Your chances seem to be enhanced if you are an adult, reasonably good looking, and in better than average physical shape.

For those of us who don’t meet any of these qualifications, there’s still hope. Volunteers are drawn from the audience to fill a variety of roles. Some (kids, mostly) fire water cannons (remember those water-slicked car hoods?) and other fiendish devices designed to make the main contestants’ jobs even harder. Others are given challenges (like confronting creepy-crawlies and drinking yucky concoctions) that might make them wish they’d thought twice about volunteering.

Note: This show is only performed “seasonally,” which means at times of peak attendance. It may be gone for good by the time you visit.

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