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Do It! - Stallion 51

Stallion 51
3951 Merlin Drive, Kissimmee 34741
(407) 846-4400


Cost: $2,350 (half hour orientation flight) to $3,150 (one hour orientation flight)
Hours: Monday to Friday, by appointment
Location: At the Kissimmee Airport off North Hoagland Boulevard

Orlando’s theme parks have their share of thrill rides, but none of them have anything that can match this.

At the Kissimmee Airport, you can strap yourself into a beautifully maintained and painted P-51 Mustang and spend an hour soaring and swooping central Florida. These World War II vintage warbirds are powered by V-12 Rolls Royce engines and are capable of speeds up to 500 mph, although you’ll be held to a more sensible 280 or 300 mph. You’re not alone, of course. These Mustangs have dual-control cockpits and you ride in back, but you will have actual control of the plane at least 90% of the time — if you want to, that is. No flight experience is needed!

For the penny-pinchers, there is a less pricey alternative, a flight in a T-6 Texan Mustang trainer that costs just $450 for a half hour and $750 for a full hour. The company bills this as the stepping stone from general aviation flying to vintage warbirds. You have the opportunity to take the controls, but no flight experience is needed.

To make doubly sure you get your money’s worth, your flight is meticulously documented on video using cameras mounted on the stabilizer and the glareshield. You also get a pre/postflight briefing, a cockpit briefing, a photo, and a certificate as part of the package. If you decide you’re cut out to be an aerial ace, ongoing training is a mere $3,250 an hour ($700 an hour for the T-6 Texan).

Nearby: Green Meadows Farm, Warbird Adventures, White One.

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