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Do It! - Thrills - SkyCoaster & G-Force

SkyCoaster & G-Force
2850 Florida Plaza Boulevard, Kissimmee 34746
(407) 397-2509

Cost: SkyCoaster: $40 for one person, $70 for two, $90 for three
G-Force: Driver $30, rider $10
Hours: Daily noon to midnight on weekends, varies during the week
Location: On US 192 near Old Town, between Mile Markers 9 and 10

Those odd looking white towers, floodlit at night, that stick up over the Kissimmee tourist strip will lead you to SkyCoaster where you can swing high and low over an artificial lake. The experience begins when you are strapped into a full body harness, on your stomach, in a prone position. Up to two friends can ride with you, with discounts for the additional riders.

Next you are hoisted 300 feet in the air to the rear tower and . . . well, dropped. But this is not bungee jumping. There is no gut-wrenching jolt at the bottom. Instead you glide suspended on stainless steel airline wire along a path mathematicians call an “arcuate curve” between the other two towers. The result is a remarkably smooth and — once you recover from the initial shock — relaxing ride. After about three swings of ever decreasing arc, you are lowered to a platform and released. For $16 you can have your adventure immortalized on video.

Nearby, is G-Force, a drag racing simulation that uses real (but highly modified) race cars. You and a passenger sit in one of two cars and “compete“ with the fellow next to you. The key to winning is having the best reaction time when the “GO” signal flashes. Once you hit the accelerator, the air-powered system built into the cars takes over and shoots you down the drag strip to a speed of 110 miles per hour in 1.8 seconds. It’s quite a rush. There are several ways to immortalize your adventure; the most popular is a DVD and t-shirt combination for $15, which must be purchased before your flight.

Nearby: Naskart Family Raceway, Old Town.

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