Thursday, January 31, 2008


Airboat Pricing

I guess it's no secret that fuel prices have risen astronomically. This has caused problems for airboat operators and, not incidentally, people like me who write guidebooks.

In spite of the fact that my book, The Other Orlando, makes it abundantly clear that all prices are subject to change, some idiots just don't get it and yell at the poor attraction personnel or the boat operator when the price quoted differs from something they read somewhere.

So don't be a moron. If cost is important to you, call ahead and check the latest prices.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Florida Spring Training Guide Now Free Online

The complete text of Alan Byrd's 265-page book, Florida Spring Training: Your Guide To Touring The Grapefruit League, has been posted online. Free!

This is the only in-depth guide to Florida's Spring Training season. Every stadium is rated and ranked, with invaluable info on where to grab the best seats, where to sit to avoid the sun, how to get autographs of your favorite players, what to eat at the concessions, and much more. There are also sections on nearby hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Alan has even laid out five week-long themed itineraries that can make a trip to sample Spring Training a specially memorable experience.

Check it out!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Dixe Stampede: RIP

Just in case your vacation plans centered around watching the Civil War being refought through the time-honored medium of ostritch racing:,0,2754708.story?coll=orl_tab01_layout

The show was never my cup of grits, but I feel for the all the entertainment folks (and servers, back-of-house, etc) who will be spending the new year searching for jobs.

Management insists the attraction was profiable, and that they received an offer from a real estate developer that was too good to refuse (There are still real estate developers left in Orlando? Who knew?). But some former employees say there was a move to unionize the show, and rumors abound that it might have contributed to the abrupt shutdown...

Friday, January 04, 2008


Disaster Review

If you don't mind having the secret given away, the Orlando Sentinel has a fascinating review of the new Disaster attraction (formerly Earthquake), that explains in some detail how the walkin' Christopher Walken illusion is pulled off.

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