Wednesday, September 03, 2008


SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Platinum Pass Now an Even Better Deal

The recent price increase for Passports (annual passes) to the Worlds of Discovery Parks (a.k.a. the "Busch" parks) has made the 2-year Platinum Passport an even better deal than it was.

The incremental difference between the price of a Platinum Passport and the four-park, two-year Passport (SeaWorld, Busch Garden Africa, Aquatica, and Adventure Island) is now just $43, as opposed to $75 before the recent round of price hikes.

So if you're considering that four-park option, consider this: $43 extra gets you unlimited entry to all ten Worlds of Discovery parks! Not too shabby.

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It may be a deal for you guys in FLA, but in VA they are sticking it to us. Just 4 short months ago, the Platinum Pass was $169 for 1 year. Before I knew it, it was raised to $269 and then a few weeks later to $300 for a 2 year pass. They do not even offer a 1 year pass anymore. It has taken me almost 4 years to save up for our FLA trip. So a 2 year pass does nothing for my family. I have emailed BGW customer service twice and still have not gotten a reply. Thanks a lot BGW for looking out for the families who have been supporting you over the years!
If the ONE year pass was $169, and now you can get TWO years for $300 (or $150/yr) . . isn't that "cheaper" than you had hoped for? Also they have the monthly pay plan... so you don't have to save the entire amount first. Even if you never make it to FLA, if you visit to BGW 6 times, it pays for the Platinum pass.

We are buying 3 today (on the monthly)
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