Friday, March 17, 2006


Universal Orlando Goes WiFi for Wait Times

You know those electronic signs outside the attractions at Universal Orlando that spell out wait times in little red dots? Well that crucial information is going wireless and will be posted at four electronic boards around the park.

There will be signs at the entrances to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios as well as at other key locations. In addition there will be three mobile electronic signs that can be set up where and when they are needed.


SeaWorld Gets A Kiddie Coaster

The Shamu's Happy Harbor section of SeaWorld will be getting its very own kiddie coaster.

No name yet, but the fact that it will be similar to the "Shamu Express" at SeaWorld's San Antonio park is a hint. What we do know is that the Orlando version, with 827 feet of track and a capacity of 28 will be a lot longer than its Texas cousin.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Junior Belles Return to Cypress Gardens

One of the best things about the "old" Cypress Gardens is making a come-back at the "new" Cypress Gardens.

The Junior Belle program lets little girls dress up just like the "grown-up" Southern Belles who have long been a Cypress Gardens trademark. No details available, but the old program included a photo session and an opportunity for the Junior Belle to stroll the grounds in her finery as passerby went "Awww."

Extra fee, of course.


Wet 'n Wild Updates

Here's the latest info onWet 'n Wild, Orlando's original water park.


Adults: $34.95
Kids (3-9): $28.95
Seniors: $17.48
Weekday Annual Pass: $47
Annual Pass: $89.95

New Ride

Disco H2O is a little bit of funk, a little bit of soul and a whole lot of water.

provided you make it past the bouncer, your flashback journey begins by boarding a four-person, cloverleaf raft that descends through a time warp to a watery disco nightclub.

Once inside, you'll find yourself rotating around th aqua club surrounded by music, lights and disco balls. It will make you remember why you ant to forget the seventies.

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